EPN station tracking performance:

The plots below show the station’s full historical data quality information.
The monthly skyplots are available here.
The comparison with other stations is available here.

The plots below present the long-term tracking performance of CEUT00ESP (Ceuta, Spain). The numbers are obtained using the G-Nut/Anubis software (versions 2.2.1, 2.2.4 and 2.3.0 beta), developed by the Geodetic observatory Pecný, Czech Republic. Input files are the daily RINEX 2 and RINEX 3 (if available) observation files. Only healthy satellites are taken into account (even if tracking unhealthy satellites is still recommended). For RINEX 2, only and GPS and GLONASS data are considered.

Warning! Several G-Nut/Anubis software versions are used:
  • Before 2019-03-05: version 2.2.1
  • Between 2019-03-05 and 2019-09-01: version 2.2.4
  • After 2019-09-01: version 2.3.0 beta
% observed/expected observations
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Number of missing epochs
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Number of Healthy Satellites
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Maximum number of observations
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Number of cycle slips
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