This on-line station picture submission allows to:

  • Upload new relevant station pictures from your disk
  • Add and modify the description and the date of the snapshot for each station picture
  • Associate the station pictures to (sub)section(s) of the station log (identification, location, receiver, antenna, ...)

Frequently asked questions

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Request your password on-line using the form at the left: select your Operational Centre (OC) in the list, re-copy the security code and push the button "Request (or forgot) password".

The password will be sent by email to all contacts listed in the OC form. This password will allow to edit and upload the station pictures in the EPN data base for of all EPN stations listed in the OC form.

Only EPN station managers whose station(s) are included in an Operational Centre (OC) form available from the EPN data base can login. Completed (or updated) OC forms can be sent to the EPN CB for inclusion in the data base. Please allow for a work day to process the OC form.