ORIV00FIN (Orivesi)


  • Show the agreement between the Zenith Path Delays (ZPDs) estimated by the EPN Analysis Centres (ACs)
  • Visualize potential periodic signals
  • Reflect changes in, e.g. used options, analysis procedures etc.


  • EPN ACs are estimating ZPDs on a daily basis
  • These estimates are combined to create the EPN combined (mean) ZPD solution considering the biases (provided in this plot) between the individual solutions
  • The resulting daily biases show the agreement of the ACs solutions to each other and to the combined ZPD solution


  • Results from GPS weeks 834 until 1407 are based on EPN-repro1 results.
  • Results from GPS weeks 1408 until present are coming from the routine data analysis
  • Note that the number and composition of the ACs contributing to the combined solution for this station may differ between reprocessing and routine operation.