Participating GNSS Stations

55.9% of the EPN stations (map) provide real-time GNSS data streams in the RTCM format .


The real-time GNSS data and product streams from the EPN stations can be downloaded free of charge from three EPN regional broadcasters using a free Ntrip client software (available for several platforms). The broadcaster request that you first complete a user registration to grant you the authorization (user-ID and password) to access the EPN streams they provide: User registration for ASI (Italy), BKG (Germany) and ROB (Belgium).

The most recent overview of the EPN streams presently available is provided by the product & data stream status; it also provides detailed information on the stream content.
The EPN Central Bureau monitors also stream meta-data content and stream latency.


Currently EPN real-time data streams are widely used for real-time satellite orbit & clock corrections.
For near real-time post-processing purposes, the real-time EPN streams are converted to 15min high-rate RINEX files.

Additional Information

White Paper on Real-Time GNSS in Routine EPN Operations. Last updated: December 3, 2006
Increasing the GNSS Stream Dissemination Capacity. Last updated: July 16, 2009