This tool aims at choosing suitable reference stations in order to tie a densification solution to the EPN multi-year position and velocity solution C2235 covering a time span from 1996-01-01 (GPS Week 0834) to 2022-11-12 (GPS Week 2235), following the Guidelines for EUREF densifications.
The user must use the same outliers and discontinuities of the EPN multi-year solution. The tool is based on the station classification of the EPN stations (more about the background of the station classification and the values of the station classification for the EPN solution C2235) and on a set of criteria used by the tool to define the status Recommended, Usable or Not Recommended as reference station (more about the tool criteria).
The primary goal of this tool is to help the user select suitable EPN reference stations to to be added to his network during the preparation of the processing of his densification solution.