News from the EUREF Governing Board (GB) and from the EPN central Bureau during the five last years, e.g. guidelines changes, inclusion of new stations, web and ftp sites maintenance, ...


Display all the mails between 1997 and 2016.

Date Subject
16-Dec-2020 Christmas holidays
24-Nov-2020 Usage of .gz compression for RINEX 2 at EUREF data centers from Dec.
23-Nov-2020 Reminder: Transition to gzip compression for RINEX v.2 (1 December 2020)
16-Nov-2020 New EPN stations KLNK00BLR, MOGI00BLR and VITR00BLR
13-Nov-2020 Individual antenna calibrations - new naming conventions
09-Nov-2020 New EPN stations LIDA00BLR, PINS00BLR and PSTV00BLR
19-Oct-2020 Trimble NETR9/ALLOY firmware issues
14-Oct-2020 Change of antenna reference point of SEPCHOKE_B3E6
21-Aug-2020 In memoriam Guenter Stangl (1952 - 2020)
10-Aug-2020 New EPN station MNSK00BLR
27-Jul-2020 New EPN station LICC00GBR
22-Jul-2020 New EPN station TLSG00FRA
22-Jul-2020 New EPN station BZR200ITA
25-May-2020 New EPN station BRMG00DEU
25-May-2020 New EPN station IGNF00FRA
07-May-2020 Trimble Firmware 5.45 for NETR9 and ALLOY receivers
06-May-2020 Important changes of EPN ATX files on May 14, 2020
20-Apr-2020 New EPN station BRTS00BLR
15-Apr-2020 New EPN stations GOML00BLR and MNKW00BLR
14-Apr-2020 New EPN station NOVP00BLR
03-Apr-2020 JAVAD TRE_3 receivers with QZSS tracking problem (follow up)
02-Apr-2020 JAVAD TRE_3 receivers with QZSS tracking problem
30-Mar-2020 Submission of RINEX 2 optional
30-Mar-2020 New EPN station ENAO00PRT
27-Mar-2020 EUREF2020 Symposium in Ljubljana CANCELLED
18-Mar-2020 URGENT Javad receiver tracking command for new GPS III satellite SVN-75
05-Mar-2020 Outdated GLONASS almanac information on Leica GR30 and GR50 receivers
05-Mar-2020 GLONASS tracking issues with LEICA GR30
02-Mar-2020 GLONASS tracking issues with LEICA GR50
18-Feb-2020 Tracking of G04 with Septentrio receiver
03-Feb-2020 EPN CB system maintenance
21-Jan-2020 M3G system maintenance
20-Jan-2020 Reminder: ETRS89 coordinates in real-time EPN data streams
Date Subject
29-Dec-2019 New EPN station MAT100ITA
20-Dec-2019 Christmas holidays
20-Dec-2019 New EPN station TIT200DEU
17-Dec-2019 New EPN station FFMJ00DEU
17-Dec-2019 New EPN station DGOR00MNE
20-Nov-2019 Update of Guidelines for EPN Stations and Operational Centres
30-Sep-2019 New EPN stations WTZA00DEU, WTZS00DEU and WTZZ00DEU
16-Sep-2019 New EPN station VLN100IRL
16-Sep-2019 New EPN station TOR100ESP
16-Sep-2019 New EPN station TAR000ESP
10-Sep-2019 Recalibration of antenna presently at FFMJ00DEU
04-Sep-2019 Paper on EPN CB activities in GPS Solutions
12-Aug-2019 Recalibration of antenna presently at LEIJ00DEU
17-Jul-2019 Recalibration of antenna presently at RANT00DEU
08-Jul-2019 M3G operational again
08-Jul-2019 M3G down
01-Jul-2019 ETRS89 coordinates in real-time EPN data streams
01-Jul-2019 RINEX 2/3 data submissions
29-May-2019 Site log validator for non-EPN stations
14-May-2019 Recalibration of antenna presently at WARN00DEU
07-May-2019 New EPN station BAUT00DEU
06-May-2019 New EPN station BOGE00POL
16-Apr-2019 New EPN stations GDRS00UKR and IZRS00UKR
11-Apr-2019 URGENT: Javad receiver navigation files GPS week roll-over problems
28-Mar-2019 Receiver Firmware upgrades required for GPS Week Number Rollover
28-Mar-2019 Recalibration of antenna presently at HOFJ00DEU
25-Mar-2019 New EPN station VNRS00UKR
18-Mar-2019 New EPN station PFA300AUT
18-Mar-2019 New EPN station MERS00TUR
05-Mar-2019 Availability of site log files with RINEX 3 station name conventions in file nam
01-Mar-2019 Preparation of RINEX 3 data processing capability
18-Feb-2019 New EPN station TLL100IRL
18-Feb-2019 New EPN station IZMI00TUR
12-Feb-2019 4 New Galileo satellites healthy
14-Jan-2019 New EPN station KRS100TUR
Date Subject
20-Dec-2010 Christmas holidays
13-Dec-2010 New EPN station KUNZ
09-Dec-2010 EPN CB server crashes
07-Dec-2010 Snow accumulation
28-Oct-2010 ARGI - new proposed station
29-Sep-2010 EPN CB Information System operational again
28-Sep-2010 EPN CB Information System down
26-Aug-2010 Update of EPN CB historical data centre (up to 059/2010)
14-Jun-2010 New EPN station KTVL
14-Jun-2010 New EPN station USAL
25-May-2010 Tracking of unhealthy satellites
06-May-2010 KUNZ - new proposed station
28-Apr-2010 2010 EUREF Symposium, Gavle/Sweden - deadlines
14-Apr-2010 New EPN station CEBR
12-Apr-2010 ELBA - operational status
01-Apr-2010 Update EPN CB historical data center (up to 273/2009)
30-Mar-2010 New EPN stations AXPV, CAEN, CREI, LIL2, MAN2, MDOR, SCOA, SMNE and TLMF
25-Mar-2010 USAL - new proposed station
24-Mar-2010 New EPN stations CFRM, CLIB, CPAR, CRAK and CTAB
22-Mar-2010 New EPN station KRA1
22-Mar-2010 CAME - inactive station
17-Mar-2010 Update of guidelines for EPN stations and operational centres
16-Mar-2010 LARI - new proposed station
16-Mar-2010 KTVL - new proposed station
16-Mar-2010 KRA1 - new proposed station
09-Mar-2010 LAMP - operational status
25-Feb-2010 2010 EUREF Symposium, Gavle/Sweden
25-Feb-2010 Reminder: Access to EPN antenna calibrations will change from March
02-Feb-2010 LAMP - inactive station
20-Jan-2010 Changed access to EPN antenna calibrations
13-Jan-2010 AQUI - operational status
11-Jan-2010 EVPA - operational status
06-Jan-2010 Bug corrected in on-line coordinate transformation
06-Jan-2010 New EPN station TERC
Date Subject
21-Dec-2006 Christmas holidays
20-Dec-2006 Update of EPN antenna calibration file
08-Dec-2006 EPN CB web/ftp
05-Dec-2006 Update of EPN Guidelines
05-Dec-2006 New web-page concerning antenna calibrations
04-Dec-2006 Updates of EPN CB web site
28-Nov-2006 Update concerning migration of EPN CB servers
28-Nov-2006 Migration of EPN CB servers
14-Nov-2006 RINEX skeletons available from EPN CB
13-Nov-2006 New EPN station SALA
09-Nov-2006 Mail exploder for EUREF-IP
09-Nov-2006 Access to individual absolute antenna calibrations of EPN stations
08-Nov-2006 URGENT: collection of individual absolute antenna calibrations for EPN stations
30-Oct-2006 New EPN station CNIV
02-Oct-2006 New EPN station SUUR
08-Aug-2006 Individual site information web pages revisited
26-Jun-2006 New EPN station ZARA
29-May-2006 Changes in yearly tracking performance plots
24-May-2006 Clarification concerning interactive map
23-May-2006 Interactive map of the EPN
08-May-2006 New EPN station NOA1
08-May-2006 New EPN station BADH
27-Apr-2006 Request for station pictures
10-Apr-2006 New EPN station ROVE
23-Mar-2006 Minutes LAC Workshop Padua available on-line
08-Mar-2006 EPN CB web and ftp server
13-Feb-2006 New EPN stations BACA, BAIA, COST and DEVA
01-Feb-2006 New webpage with EPN station coordinates
18-Jan-2006 EUREF Symposium 2006 Riga / 2 Years Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in the Roy
Date Subject
24-Dec-2003 Christmas holidays
02-Dec-2003 New "Procedure for becoming an EPN station"
14-Nov-2003 New EPN station GANP
05-Nov-2003 Minutes Fourth EUREF Analysis Workshop, Graz, September 17-18, 2003
29-Oct-2003 New EPN station HOER
28-Oct-2003 Changes at EPN CB web site
24-Oct-2003 New EPN station WARN
02-Oct-2003 EUREF Symposium 2004 Bratislava
01-Oct-2003 New EPN station SKE0
29-Sep-2003 Email distribution list removed from EPN CB
26-Sep-2003 EUREF homepage
23-Sep-2003 New EPN station CAGZ
16-Sep-2003 New EPN station JOZ2
12-Sep-2003 subject: EUREF homepage
08-Sep-2003 New EUREF station SASS
21-Aug-2003 New EUREF station HERT
11-Aug-2003 New EUREF stations KATO and ZYWI
29-Jul-2003 New EUREF station DARE
22-Jul-2003 New EUREF station PRAT
14-Jul-2003 PULA station redrawn from the EPN
30-Jun-2003 New EUREF stations SMID and SULD
30-Jun-2003 New EUREF stations INVE and PLYM
30-Jun-2003 New EUREF station OBET
23-Jun-2003 New EUREF station REDU
18-Jun-2003 EUREF symposia 2003, 2004
21-May-2003 New EUREF-IP real time data stream : KRAW
19-May-2003 EUREF Symposium 4-7 June 2003, Toledo / National Reports: Maintenance of EUREF s
11-May-2003 EUREF Symposium 4-7 June 2003, Toledo
24-Apr-2003 NPLD station included again
14-Apr-2003 Update of EPN Guidelines
26-Mar-2003 EUREF Symposium 2003 Toledo
25-Mar-2003 Civil GPS Availability Policy Statement
18-Feb-2003 Change of directory structure at EPN CB server
11-Feb-2003 EUREF 2003 Symposium, Toledo, date
11-Feb-2003 EUREF 2003 Symposium Toledo / website
11-Feb-2003 EUREF 2003 Symposium Toledo / website
31-Jan-2003 ASH701945E_M added to calibration file
30-Jan-2003 New station KRAW, not KRAK
29-Jan-2003 EPN CB on-line again
29-Jan-2003 EPN CB server off-line
27-Jan-2003 New EUREF station KRAK
15-Jan-2003 New EUREF station BUDP
10-Jan-2003 New EUREF station THU3
10-Jan-2003 IUGG Geodesy Sessions
Date Subject
23-Dec-2002 Christmas holidays
10-Dec-2002 Problems with mail numbering
06-Dec-2002 New EUREF station NYIR
03-Dec-2002 EPN CB on-line again
03-Dec-2002 Planned outage of EPN CB server
12-Nov-2002 Do not use text wrapping when submitting site logs
08-Nov-2002 New EUREF station MIKL
04-Nov-2002 New EUREF station MORP
10-Oct-2002 VLNS station included again
27-Sep-2002 subject: EUREF Symposium 2003 / Proceedings Symposia 2001 and 2002
20-Sep-2002 New EUREF station BOGI
16-Sep-2002 Planned interruption in distribution of EUREF mails
16-Sep-2002 Friday Sept. 13th problem
11-Sep-2002 New EUREF station QAQ1
21-Aug-2002 New web pages with overview of errors in RINEX headers
19-Aug-2002 Changes in site log - RINEX header error report
05-Aug-2002 Announcing automated site log submission email address
09-Jul-2002 New EUREF station SPT0
18-Jun-2002 EUREF Symposium 2002, Ponta Delgada
11-Jun-2002 Site log switch
07-Jun-2002 New GNSS format to verify before June 11
29-May-2002 site logs converted to new GNSS format (to verify before June 11)
14-May-2002 New EUREF stations LPAL and LROC
26-Apr-2002 EUREF Symposium, Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal, 5 - 8 June 2002
18-Apr-2002 EPN CB server on-line again
17-Apr-2002 Move of EPN CB server
12-Mar-2002 New associated EUREF station AMMN
26-Feb-2002 New EUREF station PULA
25-Feb-2002 TurboRogue L2 Tracking
19-Feb-2002 New address for EUREF mail exploder
19-Feb-2002 New papers added to EPN web site
05-Feb-2002 Testing EUREF mail distribution
24-Jan-2002 EPN papers from EUREF2001 available
09-Jan-2002 Historical info in site logs
Date Subject
20-Nov-1997 EUREF Time Series Available
18-Apr-1997 Elevation cut-off angle